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FAQs Feedback

Q: Are you licensed and insured?
A: Laser Transit is fully licensed and insured to operate in all states and in Ontario Canada.

Q: Do you maintain your own fleet?
A: Yes, Laser Transit maintains and repairs fleet equipment and provides road service to our own vehicles within 200 miles.

Q: How can I apply for a job with Laser Transit?
A: We are always happy to take phone calls, but also encourage drivers to send their resumes by mail or electronically using the feedback form on our website to apply for a position.

Q: How many hours per day or week are your drivers on the road?
A: This varies with driver assignment to local, regional or Over-the-Road operations.  Laser makes every effort to be flexible to family and work preferences.


We now provide vehicle storage for Fort Drum soldiers! We take care of your vehicle in a secure, dry location with an online payment system while you're away!

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